• Home: Melbourne Australia
  • Members: Anth, Mackie, Efun, Rods, Cons
  • Formed: 2016

If you’ve read this and didn’t listen to one of our songs – what the fuck? Go listen to ‘The Alchemist’ or something then come back.

If you’re here because you want to know why “This song said something about old blood, is it a reference?” – Okay, we’re a band who writes music about shit we find to be awesome. People come to our shows and screams lyrics like “let it rip” at us, because they like it too. Awesome coincidence.

Maybe you’re reading this because you saw our music video was 15 minutes long. Cons is heaps sick at making videos and when he says “I want this to be 15 minutes long” It’s because there’s a bloody rad narrative.

Oh maybe you’re here because you’re a in record label? In which case we’re perfect. Sign us. I dare you.

Or maybe you’re here because you’re really into us. Fuck yeah awesome. Well in that case – We’re working on a second album right now & it’s going to be fucking lit! So stick around.